Shane Lance

Shane’s passionate about family, music and people. As a teenager he learned to play drums from his mom and guitar from his dad. As he grew as a musician he began to fall in love with the songwriting and song-crafting process. In 2007, after audio production school, he landed an internship-turned-job at a recording studio in the Seattle area where he worked as an engineer and producer for over a decade. In 2020 he shifted to working independently as he prepped for a career and life move. Now he and his wife and two (soon to be three!) kids live in Los Angeles where he creates full time from his home studio. These days his focus is working one on one with artists, often writing, producing and mixing. As he describes it “taking their songs from conception all the way to Spotify.”

Greazy Wil

Greazy Wil is on a mission to make the Dos Equis “Most interesting man in the world” look like a third grader in a catholic school. After 4 years in the Marines fighting in the Iraq war, he moved to Texas and joined a band. This is where he discovered his passion for recording. After less than a year in school for audio engineering, he moved to Los Angeles and began working on some of the biggest albums in the world. One of his first professional gigs was as an assistant engineer on Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange. From there, he continued to work on the biggest records in music, including the 2022 Album of the Year winner “We Are” by Jon Batiste. Most recently, he was at the helm for legendary Atlanta rapper Killer Mike’s album, “Michael.” Greazy’s biggest dream is to bring the world of audio out of the darkness and make it understandable to everyday people and to inspire more people to pursue careers and passions in music, specifically in engineering and producing it.